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Referral Program

Travel Gang

So ... you have a friend who wants to join you on a Onyx Odyssey Experience huh? You've been anticipating booking your experience with us and you would like to bring a friend or family member. Guess what? You can get rewarded for that!

Refer a friend and receive $100 off of your experience! We appreciate the effort of bringing along a family member or friend and we want to pay you for it! For each referral and confirmed booked attendee, we will credit your trip cost $100! Where else will you find this incentive? Don’t wait and register today!

Travel Gang credits do not apply to ANY INDIVIDUAL booked prior to 9/22/2022 under any circumstance.

This is a new program. 

Here's How It Works:

You and your friend, spouse, significant other, or family member book the same experience. You decide amongst the group of you who will submit a request for a travel gang credit towards their experience. You can receive credit for up to a maximum of FIVE (5) REFERRALS ($500 max). 

Complete the Travel Gang Referral Credit request form to receive credit. If the form is not completed properly. This could delay your credit. You can complete the travel credit request form HERE

After the referral has submitted a deposit and made their FIRST PAYMENT, you will receive your credit from us that is applied to an upcoming invoice or payment as a thank you for your referral!

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