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We are so thrilled to announce that we officially have a more efficient registration process for our future attendees. These improvements were implemented in consideration of suggestions from our attendees, future attendees, and our community. 


Our new registration portal will provide more insight into your upcoming travel with us. In our brand-new payment portal, you will be able to submit your registration information at one time including travel disclosures and photography releases! After registration via the platform, you will be able to immediately view balances, due dates, update credit card information, and final payment dates. Our new payment platform will also have the capability to upload your passport and travel information securely without hassle. We are so thrilled about making travel with us easier and helping you see the world in a more efficient way. Each portal for registration will still be available on each registration page. Once you click "register" it will take you to our registration provider's website to complete registration. Please be advised that individuals who choose to use a credit card to register, will be accessed a 3.5% service fee. If you registered for an experience prior to our registration update (2023 experiences only), we will create an account for you and transfer your deposit submitted to the platform. If you currently are registered for a 2022 experience, you will maintain invoice payments at this time. If you have questions about this process, email us at


All experiences, travel arrangements, and meet-ups will now be eligible for purchase protection. Purchase Protection is a service that is offered via our registration platform provider and allows all registrants to be reimbursed if they need to cancel unexpectedly due to health reasons. Our goal for providing this service is to protect your investment into your experience, trip, or meet-up and to add an extra layer of protection on your behalf. This option is available at check-out for an additional fee. Travel insurance is still HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even if you purchase protection to cover all other possible reasons for cancellation. The rate for purchase protection depends on the total investment and may fluctuate depending on the travel option that you select. 


As stated previously, although you may obtain purchase protection for your investment for travel with us, it only covers “health reasons” and not other mishaps or cancellation reasons. Please still obtain a travel insurance policy so that you are covered in the event that you must cancel. Melanin Voyage does not provide refunds for any deposits or payments submitted. The best way to be reimbursed if you cannot attend your scheduled experience is to file a claim with your purchase protection provider and/or your travel insurance company. Melanin Voyage is more than willing to provide documentation for unused travel credits. Check out our travel insurance recommendations here. 


Melanin Voyage requires payments to be submitted prior to the 15th of the month. In our registration portal, you will be placed on an autopay schedule which processes payments on the 15th of each month. You may override this option by logging into your account and making a payment prior to the 15th of the month. If you don't submit payment prior to the 15th, it will be withdrawn from your account automatically. If your payment fails and isn't submitted by midnight EST on the 15th, a $10.00 late fee per day up to 5 days will apply. If you register late, your payments recalculate due to our payment end date and may differ from what is advertised on our registration page. If you register for your experience after the date listed on the registration page, your missed payments may be calculated into future payments or may be required to be paid in full upfront. No exceptions. 



All individuals looking to participate in a Melanin Voyage Experience must have their own account for registration. No exceptions. This stipulation still applies to couples or travel partners UNLESS it is a Melanin Voyage couples experience. In this case, place your travel partner's name in the designated area in the registration portal. Each person must make a login and make payments via their account going forward. There is no exception to this rule. 


All individuals who registered prior to our registration update will take the following steps to access their account: 

1. Head over to the registration page for your experience. 

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "register. When you arrive at the portal, check the top label to verify you are on the correct registration page for your experience. 

3. Once you arrive at the registration portal, click log in at the top right corner (blue button)

4. Click "forgot password"and type in the email address you registered with for the experience. 

5. Click the "send me a renew password email" button. 

6. The portal will take you back to the registration log-in area. Check your email for steps to reset your password. 

7. Return to the portal and log-in. 

Upon logging into the portal, you will see all information listed and you may have to complete some additional forms. Please complete all forms listed. Your credit from initial registration will be in the portal as well as upcoming payments, due dates, and final payment dates.


Thank You For Your Continued Support, 

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