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Onyx Odyssey

We live by this motto,

"Show Up, Glow Up, Discover The World"

If you were looking for a sign to hit pause on your everyday life, to get out there and explore the world - here it is.


Onyx Odyssey (formerly Melanin Voyage) is a black owned travel and media company for people of color. We are the traveling family you never had, curators of memorable experiences, and a platform for black visibility. Our mission is to create vibrant one-of-a-kind trips that leave you inspired and with unforgettable memories. We invite you on this journey to explore the world from an all-new angle. All you have to do is Show Up, Glow Up, Discover the World with us!

Why Travel With Us

Desired Locations

The hottest destinations on the map are always on the group trip rotation here at Onyx Odyssey Experiences. There is no need to travel alone when you don't have to! We have you covered.

Affordable Prices

We give you the best experience costs, PERIOD. All of our packages are tailored for each destination. We have payment plans that range from 6 months, 8 months, 10 months, to 1 year!

Easy to Book

Booking with us is super easy. All you do is pay a deposit through our booking page and you're all set. Your payments will be set on autopay. A seamless payment system made with ease.

Group Variety

We travel with groups that look like you! We have a variety of people from different backgrounds and experiences that bring your future travel fam to life. We are sure that you will meet your new travel partner on any of our Onyx Odyssey Experiences!


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